The Podiobooks Community Rocks…

Since starting on this journey of publishing my work on I have found that the community has been wonderful. From all the support given to the newbies by older more experienced hands, to all general support and encouragement.

On the weekend I sat down to talk to Brian Rathbone in for a segment on the Podioracket show. From my point of view it was a great conversation, which went way longer than needed, so I will be interested to see what ends up cut. 🙂 But it was another example of how the community rocks, with people taking time out of their day to do a free podcast, that promotes newbies to the fold.

Chatting With Brian Rathbone: Podioracket

This weekend I will be chatting with Brian Rathbone from Podioracket about The Spiral Tattoo. The interview should go up in the next Podioracket podcast. I am both nervous and excited about being interviewed, as this will be my first one. Hopefully it won’t be my last. 🙂

Check it out when it hits the Interweb! 🙂

And check out Brian’s books available in multiple formats…