The Final Countdown: Podiobooks and The Spiral Tattoo

It’s less than twenty-four hours until The Spiral Tattoo gets released on and I am both excited and really nervous. I hope people like it. 🙂

In a lead up to it’s release here is a shoutout to my favourite podiobook authors, the ones who really switch me onto this media.

First up is Nathan Lowell author of the “Share series”. This is science fiction at it’s best, and probably the series I have re-listened to the most. When the first one hit the dead tree format I ordered as soon as I could and bought in hardcover, as I will for the rest.

Then there is Scott Sigler. I love his Galactic football series, which is sort of The Godfather, meets Alien, meets Any Given Sunday. I have the first two in hardback. Interesting I read the second, but the podiobook version hasn’t been released, and I didn’t enjoy it as much. I think for the third I will buy and then lock away, so I can listen first. 🙂

Philippa Ballantine is a kiwi author based out of Wellington who has managed to hook a book deal from EOS [now Voyager]. Her new novel Geist comes out internationally in October, and she is the one who gives me hope that I too can get the book deal and be published in a major way.

There is a whole heap of stories waiting to be discovered at, so go check them out. I would also look for P.G. Holyfield, Tee Morris, Derek Gilbert and J.C. Hutchins.

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