The Oaks Grove

I have started the next book in the Tales of Fursk and Gurt. It has a working title of The Oaks Grove. It will be my NaNoWriMo month project, but I hope to exceed the 50,000 word target for that writing challenge. The Spiral Tattoo sits at around 76,000 words and I want to aim to keep this one at a similar length. Which means, with my aim to finish this story by late November, early December, I will want to exceed the 50,000 words in November mark.

As I write I will keep you posted on the progress. Here’s hoping for regular positive updates 🙂



Feedback And New Writing

I have been immensely pleased to receive some positive feedback, both here and at podiobooks. It has been a real boost. Especially the comments that people would like to hear more. It has helped me to confirm that I am on the right track with these stories.

As I have been struggling with editing the manuscript, with the intention of being able to send it to publishers/agents,  I am going to put The Spiral Tattoo aside for a while and start in earnest onto the second.

I have a rough idea for four stories. Having looked at the feedback, and talked about the rough outlines with Kylie, who is my narrator, editor [unpaid], and cheerleader,  I have decided to switch them around and advance number three  into number two position.

I don’t really have a set writing pattern yet, but for The Spiral Tattoo I wrote my best when I had a plan.  This then is my target for this week. Plan book two, as yet unnamed, and write chapter one and two. Going from previous experience, I should be able to finish this by the end of November. With December, January for editing I hope to have this second title ready for recording by February next year.

So Fursk and Gurt will be back… And you never know if we get really going it may be sooner than expected 🙂



I’d Love To Hear What You Thought Of The Spiral Tattoo

Wow. A lot of people have been downloading and listening to my story. 🙂

Like a lot of authors I would love to hear what you thought of my story 🙂 Feel free to leave a review at podiobooks, and to rate the story. Or you can do that on Itunes as well. You can leave a comment here, or even post a review on your site 🙂 if you do link it through to here so I can check it out.

One Journey Ends And Another Begins

It’s all over. For now that is. Thank-you to all the listeners who have downloaded and listened to The Spiral Tattoo. Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. 🙂

Now my partner in crime gets to stay out of the closet for a few months while I write the next Fursk and Gurt adventure! Something for which she is truly grateful! Hopefully I will also be able to sell the rights to the dead-tree version of the novel, which will mean some editing.