I’d Love To Hear What You Thought Of The Spiral Tattoo

Wow. A lot of people have been downloading and listening to my story. 🙂

Like a lot of authors I would love to hear what you thought of my story 🙂 Feel free to leave a review at podiobooks, and to rate the story. Or you can do that on Itunes as well. You can leave a comment here, or even post a review on your site 🙂 if you do link it through to here so I can check it out.

7 thoughts on “I’d Love To Hear What You Thought Of The Spiral Tattoo

  1. What a  treat.  A wonderful romp with a unique pair of characters.  No horror and suspense but not written down to the level of a forth grader either.  I eagerly await the next adventure with Fursk and Gurt.


  2. Just finished it the other day; I was delighted. I really adore our duo and their little world, and I pretty much mainlined it. 😀 Well-done!


  3. Imagine a dragonfly buzzing a dinosaur and you can get into the feeling of The Spiral Tattoo. It took me a while to get the picture of Gurt riding on Elanore’s shoulder into my mind, but when I did, I smiled at it from then on. The juxtaposition of their size as well as temperament worked well for me. I enjoyed watching/listening as they solved the caper.
    I kept wondering what the back-story was. Why did Gurt leave the palace and how did Elanore control her urges so well? I wanted to know more about the magic stones. I do hope we get more of that information in the future, but this is a good story, well done in the recording and I recommend it as an enjoyable listen. Kylie’s voice added a very good texture to his story. I imagine lots of little folk, and gnomes exist in New Zealand!


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