Every Photo – One Dusty Road

My story One Dusty Road as read by Mick Bordet has been released.  It can be found at Every Photo Tells. Go check it out. I may be biased, but I think it sounds fabulous! I especially like the Scottish accent 🙂


The Next Significant Download Mark

The next significant download mark is about to be hit. Sometime today we will clock over 20,000 individual downloads for The Spiral Tattoo. Also the first episode ticks over 2,000 downloads, and all other episodes tick over 1,000 downloads. It’s very exciting to think that 2,000 people have chosen to download my story, and that 1,000 have chosen to listen through to the end. 🙂

Loving Feedback And How To Make A Writer Blush

It’s been wonderful getting feedback for The Spiral Tattoo. It’s enough to make a writer blush!

Here are some nice things being said.

From Itunes on the web:

thoroughly enjoyable

by dajs5

I’ve listened to countless audiobooks and this is one of my favorites. Looking forward to more of these characters.

Good story, well read

by Robin JamesThis is a must listen. It is completely believable. You are drawn in and become part of the story. Wonderful

A Great Romp!

by Biotech_DaveThis is a fantastic mix of Mystery and Fantasy. Wonderful characters and a plot that carries you along. I thoroughly enjoyed the World and Characters you’ve created and can’t wait for their next adventure.

On top of all this the narration is crisp and engaging. Just right for a first person narration.

I’ve listened to many many podiobooks and this is one of my favorites. I would rate it right up there with stories by Nathan Lowell, Abigail Hilton and, of course, Philippa Ballantine.

And From Podiobooks

Bryant M. Says:

October 31st, 2010 at 12:33 am

Really loved the story and the characters. Plus the Kiwi accent was just a perfect fit. Would love to learn more about Elanore’s background in a future story.

Jennifer Brown Says:
November 11th, 2010 at 1:59 pm

One of my favorites so far. Would love to have further stories with these characters. Thanks for an enjoyable story and I enjoyed the narrator’s telling of the story, too.


The Oaks Grove

The second Fursk and Gurt is now well started. I won’t give you a word count update, but it is starting to flow nicely. I will give you a few details. 🙂

This is what Gurt has to say about it all:

“Elanore has written a book. Not just any book, but philosophical treatise, as if she wasn’t out there enough already. Then it gets worse. She is invited by one of her philosophical heroes to come to his private retreat for a few days of deep and meaningful conversation. And she accepts. What is a  chap to do? Of course I have to go with her to steer her through the social reefs. And of course all hell breaks loose when the man himself turns up dead. Secrets will be exposed, blood will be spilled and along the way we might just learn a little more about each other.”


Short Stories

I haven’t posted much in a while, sorry about that folks. Latter in the week I will give you an update on how the second Fursk and Gurt is progressing. In the meantime here are two short stories I have written. They are in some ways complete opposites. One I wrote for the Every Page Has podcast, and I hope they like it enough to produce it. It’s downbeat for me, so not my normal fair. The second I wrote when I was toying with maybe submitting to The People’ Friend.  It’s a very gentle story, which was not really me either. But here they are any way.

One Dusty Road 

Fencing Dreams