The Oaks Grove

The second Fursk and Gurt is now well started. I won’t give you a word count update, but it is starting to flow nicely. I will give you a few details. 🙂

This is what Gurt has to say about it all:

“Elanore has written a book. Not just any book, but philosophical treatise, as if she wasn’t out there enough already. Then it gets worse. She is invited by one of her philosophical heroes to come to his private retreat for a few days of deep and meaningful conversation. And she accepts. What is a  chap to do? Of course I have to go with her to steer her through the social reefs. And of course all hell breaks loose when the man himself turns up dead. Secrets will be exposed, blood will be spilled and along the way we might just learn a little more about each other.”


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