Podiobooks, Itunes And Reviews

Podiobooks has had a little hiccup. It seems that there has been so much traffic recently that the hardware supporting the site fell over, and we need to get a new one. It’s mainly the fault of Nathan Lowell and his Ishmilites, who managed to double the normal traffic in their desire to read his latest offering Owner’s Share.

You can donate to Podiobooks here. All this is done by a lot of people committed to free serialised audio fiction, so your support is greatly appreciated. You can also donate to your favourite authors, with any donations being split %75 to the author, and %25 to the site. Another way to support us is to leave reviews and ratings on Itunes for your favourite authors. That is part of the whole rankings scenario, where more positive reviews and ratings push our stories further up on Itunes, and makes our podcasts more visible. Then we get more readers who may also like to donate. 🙂

I don’t really feel comfortable asking for money or reviews, without Podiobooks I wouldn’t be writing as much, nor would I have found such wonderful works. So thankyou for those who have already given enough to help get us over this bump in the road, and thanks for the continued support which will help ensure a continuity of service. 


2 thoughts on “Podiobooks, Itunes And Reviews

  1. It’s only because of podiobooks.com that I was inspired enough to start the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper. With the inspiration of the likes of Tee Morris, JC Hutchins, Christiana Ellis, and Scott Sigler — and the distribution opportunities that come with Podiobooks, I never would have started and my “Ishmailites” would never have had the opportunity to crash anything.

    I love that word… “Ishmailites” … hehehe

    Usually I don’t troll for donations either, but if everybody just tossed in $1US, there are enough people to cover the costs of running podiobooks well into the future.

    If you can’t give, we understand. I think all of us have been there at one time or another. Don’t think twice.

    If you can, thanks.

    Michael, If I come to NZ, can I stay at your house?


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