The Dribble Effect: More Details on Writing Contract

Well I think I can say a bit more now, since it’s all out there in some form or another.

I have signed a contract with Sky Warrior Books, a new publishing venture set up by Maggie Bonham. 

The Spiral Tattoo, all going to plan, will come out in ebook format on the 1st of July. The Oaks Grove should come out towards the end of the year/early next, but no date is set yet, and The Honey Gardens (tentative title) around this time next year. A dead tree version of each will hopefully follow.  🙂

Now that I have deadlines I cannot afford to have writers block, so I am upping my writing load with the intention to finish The Oaks Grove as soon as possible!

O, and there is a forum for discussing me and my work… Neat huh!

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