Parsec Awards – Nominate a Podcast

It that time of year where speculative fiction podcasters look to see hwo gets a nomination for the Parsec Awards. So if you have a podast novel or show you think is desrving, make sure you nominate them

“What podcasts do you listen to? Are any of them good? I mean really good? If it has to do with Speculative fiction, through original work, commentary about specific vehicles or speculative fiction in general, speculative fiction music, facts that help create the fiction, whether it’s one person or a whole cast of characters. Let that show know you think they are AMAZING.

We are The Parsec Awards. For over seven years we have been dedicated to rewarding excellence in various aspects of Speculative Fiction podcasting; in it’s finished works, its foundations, and its commentary. Impartial judges review hundreds of podcasts submitted by fans just like you. The winners are announced at Dragon*Con in Atlanta during Labor Day Weekend. Let your voice and your favorite show be heard. Nominate your favorite show today.”


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