9 thoughts on “Where To Buy My Books – The Oaks Grove

  1. Michael, we NEED more Fursk and Gurt tales! Stop whatever you’re doing, and get to work immediately. Kylie, please give Michael a giant push! We can’t hear more of your enchanting voice until he authors and releases another podiobook!

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  2. Okay, its almost the end of October, and we haven’t heard a peep out of you! Wazzup??? You should be finished with Book 3 of the Elanor and Gurt series, and well underway on the 4th. Has “real life” gotten in the way, or has your creative muse done herself in? Kylie, please PUSH Michael to get back to the writing desk. Two E & G books are simply not enough, and we’re anxiously awaiting the lovely Kylie’s voice bringing life and love to Michael’s characters!


  3. I’m only guessing, but it seems that our friends, Fursk and Gert, have been brutally murdered by the lowest of the low somewhere amidst the shadowy alleys of Scuds Row. Alternatively, Fursk may have resigned from the City Guards, and returned to her clan to produce lots of baby trolls, while Gert has returned to the royal court because, due to a tragic accident, he is now first in line for the throne. YO, MICHAEL!
    Will we ever hear more about these two fantastic characters, or have you quietly killed them off???


    1. It is gratifying to know your like my characters so much. No they haven’t been killed off. Presently they are trapped in a snow laden alley. Trapped not by snow or enemies but by an authors angst.

      Quite simply I have been caught in one of those horrible writer circles that throw up lots of excuses not to write.

      I need to address this and knowing that people really want more of the stories help…


      1. Michael, the characters in your Fursk and Gert books are wonderful. You’ve expertly developed them, and given them truly unique and wildly interesting personalities. No need for your angst…you could write a story about them going to the grocery store (or something equally mundane), and I’m sure, with Kylie’s narration, it would be a hit with those of us whom you’ve captured with these loveable folks. Thanks much for what you’ve given us thus far, but I’m hoping for lots more. 🙂


  4. The previous comments said it all. I love this series and the readings in audio. No pressure my man Michael… I’m sure all these demands can be a bit stressful but you brought it on yourself creating these fantastic stories. If I can be put on a mailing list to find out when the next comes out I’d appreciate it. Thanks for everything so far!


  5. Fursk and Gurt…Gone but NOT Forgotten! Michael, have you resolved your angst issues yet? Are you ready and able to get back to the next Fursk and Gurt book? Has your lovely wife made you hold off until I spell her name correctly? (‘m now thinking its Kyleigh) Will there be more Fursk and Gurt in my lifetime, or must I be satisfied with the two excellent books you have given us thus far? I hope you, Kyleigh and the family are healthy, happy and prosperous.


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