An August Update

It has been a while since I have updated everyone with what is happening in my writing world.

I have finished writing The Oaks Grove, the second Gurt and Elanore tale. It’s now slated for release as an eBook early next year. This means it probably won’t get looked at properly by the editor until later this year. I had thought of waiting until it had gone through to it’s final draft before podcasting it, as it would then be consistent across versions. Since that would mean it wouldn’t be podcast until next year I have decided to go early. I need to finish a few tweaks over this weekend, and then we shall start recording next week. I hope to be able to squeeze it into the release schedule on podiobooks sometime in late October/early November. Besides which my wife is desperate to be locked in the cupboard again 😆

This means the podcast version of The Oaks Grove will be a “beta” version like The Spiral Tattoo. I think I will do that with all of the Gurt and Elanore tales.

After tweaking The Oaks Grove, and while podcasting it, I will set too with writing the third tale in the series.  This was meant to be called The Honey Garden, however I have a much more exciting plotline, which means a change in title. The new title will be The Bluebell, and will revolve around the hunt for demented serial killer amongst the snow laden streets of Delvenport.

The Bluebell is due for release mid next year in ebook, but I hope to have it finished to a satisfactory level by the end of this year so we can podcast it early next year.

On the paperback front. My publisher has been finalizing details on that front and hopes to be able to bring out a paperback edition of The Spiral Tattoo early next year. I guess how well that goes will inform on when the other titles will appear in paperback.

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