Nathan Lowell Presents: Me On A Blog Tour

Nathan Lowell has opened up his site to fellow authors to plug their wares. He kindly let me put this up:

A Kiwi, A Fairy, And A Troll Walk Into A Bar…

The punchline to that story is an interview. In this instance, the author isn’t interviewing his characters, but the other way around. For today’s entertainment, Nathan Lowell Presents…

Michael J. Parry


Gurt: So why’d you want us to interview you?

MJP: There is an art to writing good posts, there is also an art to writing good advertising material and then there is the art of writing good stories. If you can do one it does not necessarily follow that you can do the others. I think I can do the third, but I am not so hot on the first two.

Elanore: I can understand that. When writing my recent philosophy treatise, I found that very different to writing reports for the Captain.

Gurt: That’s why I let you write them.

Elanore: I had noticed that.

Continue Reading at Nathan’s

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