What Would Make You Follow A LInk On Twitter To Buy A Book?

As I grapple with this whole shameless self promotion thing and try to sell my book [Buy here] 🙂 I am constantly looking for new avenues and better ways to do things.

I have been using Twitter to promote my book, which is good, but I have been trying to figure out some things. So a couple of questions for you;

  1. How often should an author tweet their links? Is there an optimum ratio of sales pitch to interaction? What is overkill?
  2. What makes you follow a link? What’s a good short pitch in 140 characters or less minus hashtags, links and title [there goes 40 characters already]? 

3 thoughts on “What Would Make You Follow A LInk On Twitter To Buy A Book?

  1. Don’t tell people to buy your book on Twitter. Tell them about your book, and why they might like it.

    For example, if someone gives you a good review, Tweet something like “Woo hoo! Another good review of The Spiral Tattoo! [link]”

    Or “Something interesting I found while researching Spiral Tattoo [link to something interesting]”.

    Let people decide for themselves if they want to buy your book or not, but give them plenty of information to base that decision on.


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