Kindle Give Away Including a Pre-Loaded Copy Of The Spiral Tattoo From SpecFicNZ

SpecFicNZ Kindle Give-Away

Happy New Year and Good News!

We are thrilled to announce that SpecFicNZ will be giving away a Kindle to one of our lucky members at the end of January.

Not only will the lucky winner get a new e-reader, but it will be loaded with already purchased speculative e-fiction by SpecFicNZ members inlcuding:

Dragons Away by K.D. Berry

Sword: Tales of the Green Sahara and The Overman’s Folly by Lisa Agnew

The Last Arrival in Time by Tim Kilgour

Phoenix Rising by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris

Ripple by Tui Allen

Act of Will by Darusha Wehm

The Spiral Tattoo by Michael J. Parry

Nmemesis by Pat Whitaker

Samiha’s Song by Mary Victoria

To be entered in the draw for the SpecFicNZ January Kindle Give-Away, you must be a member of SpecFicNZ with membership paid up for the 2012 subscription year.


If you have renewed your subscription or joined SpecFicNZ for 2012, you are already automatically entered in the draw.

If you renew or join SpecFicNZ by the end of January, you will automatically be entered in the draw.

If you purchase a gift membership to SpecFicNZ for a friend or colleague, they will automatically be entered in the draw, and you will be entered a second time for giving a gift membership. If you give SpecFicNZ membership as a gift, be sure to send us your details in an e-mail to, so we can enter you in the draw.

SpecFicNZ committee members are not eligible to enter.


If you had speculative fiction work e-published in 2011 and are a member of SpecFicNZ in good standing, we’d love to purchase your fiction to include in our Kindle Give-Away.

SpecFicNZ is giving priority to single-authored work, single-authored collections, and short stories by our members.

E-fiction must also be available for free or purchasable download by Amazon Kindle.

If you feel your work qualifies, please send your name and a link to your work to with the subject line Kindle Fiction by January 15, 2012.

Good luck and Happy Reading.

SpecFicNZ Kindle Give-Away

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