I Need A Map – What To Do?

I have had a couple of reviews placed on Amazon for The Spiral Tattoo suggesting that I need a map of the city. Now I would have happily obliged and I have at various points hand drawn maps, and looked for some free piece of software to help me draw a map. But nothing has worked well enough for me to put up here or pass to the publishers to include in the story.

My lovely partner has suggested that I run a competition. Send me your best map of Delvenport and I will, ummm, get it included in the next version? Include your name in the next book? Send you a free copy of The Oaks Grove when it comes out?

So I need advice. What can I use on no budget to produce a good map? Or what would be a good prize for a competition?

9 thoughts on “I Need A Map – What To Do?

  1. What s/w did you try? A graphics package? Best bet for free mapping is probably QGis – It’s a reasonably well featured GIS package I have used on occasion.


  2. Hi Mike
    couldn’t you just hand-draw and then take a digital photo?
    If a graphics package is required, Inkscape is open source.
    – which would be a better format to create a map on than Gimp, being that Inkscape is a vector program.
    (I can’t vouch for it though, I use Illustrator)

    Loved the post about The best Spam ever bTW!
    kind regards


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