The Writing Zone 2014

It has got to the point where when folks ask about writing I want to run and hide. This is not good.

2013 hasn’t been a total right off, after all for the first time I have a story printed on paper in a real book. But apart from that bright spot writing has not been working on me.

I intend 2014 to be different, which means getting over hangups and just doing it. I have set my self a highly achievable object of 500 words per day and anything over that can be a bonus. I just need to decide what to write. I have a feeling that I need to kick the 3rd Fursk and Gurt into touch and just complete it.  Also I need to blog more here, although I am not sure on what.

I think I might also re-record The Spiral Tattoo and The Oaks Grove so that they reflect what is available for sale.

Hopefully this space will be more active over the year.

One thought on “The Writing Zone 2014

  1. Every writer struggles with this issue. Is it “worth it?” And what is your definition of “worth it?” Setting goals can be a great way to start, and it sounds like 500 words is a reasonable goal. As Jay Lake once said, “if you write one page a day, you’ll complete a novel in a year.”

    In addition, I urge you to make sure you’re doing enough to “fertilize the fields,” if you will. Read more, listen to music, watch movies or TV (paying attention to the story arc and how characters are drawn). Get out and walk around. Eavesdrop on people. Play games. All of these can spark your muse in new directions.

    Good luck with it!


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