The Writing Zone 2014

It has got to the point where when folks ask about writing I want to run and hide. This is not good.

2013 hasn’t been a total right off, after all for the first time I have a story printed on paper in a real book. But apart from that bright spot writing has not been working on me.

I intend 2014 to be different, which means getting over hangups and just doing it. I have set my self a highly achievable object of 500 words per day and anything over that can be a bonus. I just need to decide what to write. I have a feeling that I need to kick the 3rd Fursk and Gurt into touch and just complete it.  Also I need to blog more here, although I am not sure on what.

I think I might also re-record The Spiral Tattoo and The Oaks Grove so that they reflect what is available for sale.

Hopefully this space will be more active over the year.