Risky Business: Decisions Made And A Path Ahead, With A Schedule For Releasing Ebooks

Things are starting to move forward for me. I am not sure how much I can say, but I have signed contracts for three Fursk and Gurt titles to be released in eBook form. The publishers I have signed with are a start-up, so I will be one of their first releases.

What it means is that, all going well, The Spiral Tattoo will be available in eBook form around July/August. The second title The Oaks Grove probably around November/December, and the third title The Honey Garden (very tentative title) around March/April next year.

I will still be podcasting them, but I will probably release the podcasts either just before the print versions are made available or at the same time. I think I will also be re-releasing The Spiral Tattoo so that it will match the final edited print version. What I haven’t decided is whether I will simply run right over the old podcast, replacing the episodes, or release a new podcast as an “updated re-mastered” version.

So it is very exciting all and all.

The Self Published eBook: Convince Me Please

Recently I have started to give serious consideration to the idea of publishing The Spiral Tattoo and other tales of Gurt and Fursk in eBook form myself. Yes I am considering self publishing.

Now most of my experience of self publishing has been in the form of having terrible vanity works, printed at the local copy-printers, being hawked in libraries by people impressed with their own non-talent. Yes that is harsh, but so true. As such I have been really reluctant to self-publish my own works in fear that I too will turn out to be a no-talent self deluded ninny.

However, with the growing success of eBooks, and the large number of self published, and quality self published at that, Ebooks within that market, I have been coming to the view that I should give that fear a good boot, and concentrate on being one of the best kick-arse self published eBook authors out there! Cos that’s how I roll!

Sorry, momentary self delusion grandiose vision there. 🙂

So, at the moment I am letting some queries run their course, but there is coming a point where I will need to make a decision. Do I do it myself? Do I try and hook up with one of those burgeoning companies that specializing in helping folks like me, for a cut of course.

I have a cover, which I think would work for the eBook format. I would need to pay for a good editor. That is one thing that is holding me back, I would need an editor I could both afford and trust enough to help me polish my book into something really salable!

So any thoughts most welcome. Which path is best? Convince me off the edge!