The Oaks Grove Now Live and Complete on Podiobooks

It is great to see the final episodes up and live over at Podiobooks: 🙂

I will still be releasing them slowly over the coming weeks here as well.

You can also subscribe via ITunes:

Merry Listening!

The October Update

Having both of us been laid flat with a very bad cold things have not moved as quickly as I would have liked. Hopefully in the next few days Kylie’s voice will have recovered enough for me to lock her in the cupboard to record more episodes of The Oaks Grove. I will be able to do some much delayed promotional work, and also writing on the third story.

In the meantime you can subscribe to The Oaks Grove here on podiobooks and download the first five episodes. Or you may want to revisit the podcast of The Spiral Tattoo?

Or even better buy the ebook version of The Spiral Tattoo for either for your Kindle, or for other formats. What would be really great if you did would be if you left a nice review or rating on Goodreads or Librarything?