Orangeberry Summer Splash Guest Blog Post

I am participating in the Orangeberry Summer Splash blog tour to promote The Spiral Tattoo, which is somewhat funny for me being in winter. Anyway this guest post will be appearing on a number of blogs soon…

Tradition is the cord that binds the fabric of society…
“What are you writing Elanore?” I asked as I flew into her kitchen through the window.
“A short treatise on tradition,” Elanore replied.
“Why?” I asked setting down on the table and glancing at the neat handwriting on the page before her.
“The answer to that my friend as that he requires it.” Elanore carefully dipped the quill in the ink pot, the feather held firmly in her clawed hand.
“Who requires it?”
“Him,” she said and arched her great bushy black eyebrow at me.
“O Him,” I said and sat down next to the page. “What does he want?”
“He requires that I write what tradition means to me.”
“How far have you got then?”
“Tradition is the cord that binds the fabric of society together as a homogenous whole,” she read from the page.
“That’s an interesting point of view for a Troll to have,” I said. “Are you sure you wouldn’t rather play a game of dice.”
“I would rather be sewing my new dress however needs must,” Elanore said. “Now if will excuse me I need to finish this.”
“All right don’t get your leathers in a twist,” I said leaping from the table and darted out the window as behind me the sound of quill scribbling on paper filled the kitchen.
Tradition is the cord that binds the fabric of society together in a homogeneous whole. All cultures and folk within the lands have strong traditions that they hold to. Even my more simple cousins amongst the Trolls hold strongly to tradition. Otherwise the clans would fracture into anarchy.
That being said, there is room to challenge traditions. Tradition would have had me killed as a young cub, my body left to feed the vultures. I cannot say that I am upset my grandfather chose to overturn and ignore that tradition. Yet he instilled in me a strong respect for tradition. This conflict had formed a great part of the conflict that has informed my formative years.
 Now, as I sit here, tradition means strength and cohesion, it also means restrictions and bondage and fear. The battle in the mind and within society is to respect those traditions that can still have meaning and help hold us together, while challenging those that are wrong without upsetting the balance of society.
 Elanore Fursk, Corporal, Delvenport Guard.

A Success: Lots Of Free Copies Of The Spiral Tattoo Fly Out The Electronic Door

Last Friday, for one day only, we gave away copies of The Spiral Tattoo for free on Amazon. This was a big success with over 850 copies being downloaded. Not only that, but there has been an onflow to sales with The Spiral Tattoo consistently sitting at its highest ranking in the Amazon Charts for several days now. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who spread the word, and I hope all of you who downloaded the story enjoy it!

Kindle Give Away Including a Pre-Loaded Copy Of The Spiral Tattoo From SpecFicNZ

SpecFicNZ Kindle Give-Away

Happy New Year and Good News!

We are thrilled to announce that SpecFicNZ will be giving away a Kindle to one of our lucky members at the end of January.

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Phoenix Rising by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris

Ripple by Tui Allen

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The Spiral Tattoo by Michael J. Parry

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Good luck and Happy Reading.

SpecFicNZ Kindle Give-Away

2012: What’s Around The Corner, And The Spiral Tattoo Now on Kindle Prime

It’s a new year and things are around the corner. So what’s happening for me this year?

Coming up the next couple of months I will be editing The Oaks Grove, which should come out sometime around the end of March. The Bluebell, which I need to finish writing will be coming out later in the year. These releases will be in eBook format. I am still hoping that I will be able to bring these out in paperback format – maybe if you contact my publisher, Sky Warrior Books, this will happen sooner?

The Spiral Tattoo is now exclusively on Amazon as I am trying  the Kindle Prime Lending Library service – this means that if you are a Kindle Prime member you will be able to borrow it for free. If you like why not buy as well?

I hope to be doing more writing more stories this year, so look out for more news as we go….

The October Update

Having both of us been laid flat with a very bad cold things have not moved as quickly as I would have liked. Hopefully in the next few days Kylie’s voice will have recovered enough for me to lock her in the cupboard to record more episodes of The Oaks Grove. I will be able to do some much delayed promotional work, and also writing on the third story.

In the meantime you can subscribe to The Oaks Grove here on podiobooks and download the first five episodes. Or you may want to revisit the podcast of The Spiral Tattoo?

Or even better buy the ebook version of The Spiral Tattoo for either for your Kindle, or for other formats. What would be really great if you did would be if you left a nice review or rating on Goodreads or Librarything?

Nathan Lowell Presents: Me On A Blog Tour

Nathan Lowell has opened up his site to fellow authors to plug their wares. He kindly let me put this up:

A Kiwi, A Fairy, And A Troll Walk Into A Bar…

The punchline to that story is an interview. In this instance, the author isn’t interviewing his characters, but the other way around. For today’s entertainment, Nathan Lowell Presents…

Michael J. Parry


Gurt: So why’d you want us to interview you?

MJP: There is an art to writing good posts, there is also an art to writing good advertising material and then there is the art of writing good stories. If you can do one it does not necessarily follow that you can do the others. I think I can do the third, but I am not so hot on the first two.

Elanore: I can understand that. When writing my recent philosophy treatise, I found that very different to writing reports for the Captain.

Gurt: That’s why I let you write them.

Elanore: I had noticed that.

Continue Reading at Nathan’s

An August Update

It has been a while since I have updated everyone with what is happening in my writing world.

I have finished writing The Oaks Grove, the second Gurt and Elanore tale. It’s now slated for release as an eBook early next year. This means it probably won’t get looked at properly by the editor until later this year. I had thought of waiting until it had gone through to it’s final draft before podcasting it, as it would then be consistent across versions. Since that would mean it wouldn’t be podcast until next year I have decided to go early. I need to finish a few tweaks over this weekend, and then we shall start recording next week. I hope to be able to squeeze it into the release schedule on podiobooks sometime in late October/early November. Besides which my wife is desperate to be locked in the cupboard again 😆

This means the podcast version of The Oaks Grove will be a “beta” version like The Spiral Tattoo. I think I will do that with all of the Gurt and Elanore tales.

After tweaking The Oaks Grove, and while podcasting it, I will set too with writing the third tale in the series.  This was meant to be called The Honey Garden, however I have a much more exciting plotline, which means a change in title. The new title will be The Bluebell, and will revolve around the hunt for demented serial killer amongst the snow laden streets of Delvenport.

The Bluebell is due for release mid next year in ebook, but I hope to have it finished to a satisfactory level by the end of this year so we can podcast it early next year.

On the paperback front. My publisher has been finalizing details on that front and hopes to be able to bring out a paperback edition of The Spiral Tattoo early next year. I guess how well that goes will inform on when the other titles will appear in paperback.