Fursk and Gurt

Fursk and Gurt are the main characters in my first novel, The Spiral Tattoo.  I intend to write a series of book about their adventures. The books will be cross genre, being both mystery and fantasy. They are intended to be little humorous, a little gritty, and a lot of fun.

The Spiral Tattoo

Sapphire is just a regular working girl, but when her naked and strangely tattooed corpse is found in an alley, events unfold far beyond the death of a barmaid. Enter Elanore Fursk, a Troll of the City Guards, feared and revered, with vast size and immeasurable stores of patience and Gurt, her six-inch Elenui partner, with dubious charms and a wise cracking attitude. Together they are led well beyond a normal night on the beat.

From the bright lights of the new club The Spiral Tattoo to the riot-torn docks, Elanore and Gurt must chase down leads that seem to unravel at every turn. With the rising tide of drugs, magic and ambition that threatens to engulf the city trouble will lurk in their every shadow. But as long as no-one puts a knife in Elanore, or calls Gurt a fairy then the bodies won’t be piled too high.

Otherwise all bets are off!

10 thoughts on “Fursk and Gurt

  1. I loved “The Spiral Tattoo”! I can’t wait for the next book to be released. Fursk and Gurt were wonderful characters and I really enjoyed getting to know them. Thank you so much.


  2. Hello Mr. Parry

    I was searching for a new Podiobook to listen to, and found The Spiral Tattoo at iTunes.
    Since I’m not a native speaker, to me the pronunciation is difficult to understand and I would like to by a “written” version (paperback or hardcover) of your book, because I loved your caracters.
    Do you have any idea, when your book will be availabe for example on Amazon???

    Best Regards from Germany

    Birgit Mueller


    1. Hi Birgit

      Thanks for the comment. I am glad you enjoyed the story enough to want to buy a physical copy. 🙂

      Unfortunately I haven’t managed to get a publisher so the story is only available in audio. I am in the process of trying to get a publishing contract and or agent. 🙂

      If by the middle of this year I haven’t managed to sell the story, I will probably look at self publishing, but I really want to see if I can get picked up by a publishing house first.




  3. Love the story and characters, Fursk and Gurt are entirely believable in the setting of the story and Kylie’s beautiful, soft voice is a perfect complement to the tale. Wonderful work by all. I look forward to your next compilation. Thank you.


  4. I really loved your book,(podcast). hope you plan another. the world you created is rich and I feel new. I read a lot of Sword & Sorcery and found your races to be full and with a different take. I listened to your story as fast as I could between work and sleeping. Hope you are planing on more adventures.
    thanks for story


    1. Thanks for the comment Jack, it’s always great to hear from people who enjoyed the story 🙂

      The good news is that there will be at least two more, as I have signed a contract to have them published in ebook format. Both of those will be podcast as well.


  5. I’m enjoying the audio book a lot so far, and her voice is so soothing, but I’m also an avid reader and I have been scouring for the ebook all day and can’t find them. I would LOVE to purchase it, do you have a link?


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