An Interview With Me On Podioracket Ep 64

You will find an interview with me here:

Podioracket Ep 64 James Keeling and Michael J. Parry

Michael J. Parry’s Elanore and Gurt Tales:
Synopsis: Book one The Spiral Tattoo introduces the reader to Elanore, the eight-foot tall troll, and Gurt, the six-inch tall (don’t you dare call me a fairy) Eleinu, both guardsmen in the city of Delvenport, tackle their most baffling case yet. When they find a dead waitress, naked except for an intricate tattoo in a spiral across her body, they’re launched into an adventure in the seedier side of Delvenport, filled with rogue mages, prostitution, and narcotics. But can they solve the case before madness and riots take over the city? And Book 2 The Oaks Grove is a fantasy country mystery.

You can get book one in Ebook right now on Amazon for only $.99.

Bio:Fantasy mystery author writes fantasy and science fiction, mixed in with the occasional piece of contemporary fiction. He live on a small block of land in the Tararua district of New Zealand, where he and his partner grow trees and our children. To earn a crust he works in a University library as the Digital Initiatives Librarian.

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