The Quest To Personalise The EBook: Kindlegraph

Here is a problem that will become more of an issue in the future; how do you autograph an eBook?  

One solution I discovered is Kindlegraph.

First the problems;

  • You are not actually signing the eBook, rather you will receive a separate PDF of the cover with a message
  • The signature won’t be the authors real one. There was no option for uploading my real signature – which is a good thing too on reflection.
  • Is it really the author leaving the message – there is no guarantee that at the end of cyberspace is the real author or anyone associated with the author…

On the positive side;

  • You can receive a genuine message from the author
  • You can create an old fashioned signature scrapbook – just an eversion.

So if you want me to send you a real genuine message to store on your kindle/pc then here is my Kindlegraph page:

And let me know what you think of the service….

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