My Writing

So it’s been a while since The Spiral Tattoo and The Oaks Grove were published.  I haven’t been particularly active writing which is a combination of numerous things.  I am hoping that I can and will get back to writing.

What I can say is that my contracts with the publishers for the two works have come to the end of their life cycle and the copyright has reverted back to me. This means they will no longer be available as ebooks, but solely as Podiobooks.

I’m going to spend the next few months seriously reflecting on my writing and how I approach it. I want to have something new written this year and I would like to see if I can get the Fursk and Gurt stories back out there as well.

I need to make an achievable plan and work towards it.

The Writing Zone 2014

It has got to the point where when folks ask about writing I want to run and hide. This is not good.

2013 hasn’t been a total right off, after all for the first time I have a story printed on paper in a real book. But apart from that bright spot writing has not been working on me.

I intend 2014 to be different, which means getting over hangups and just doing it. I have set my self a highly achievable object of 500 words per day and anything over that can be a bonus. I just need to decide what to write. I have a feeling that I need to kick the 3rd Fursk and Gurt into touch and just complete it.  Also I need to blog more here, although I am not sure on what.

I think I might also re-record The Spiral Tattoo and The Oaks Grove so that they reflect what is available for sale.

Hopefully this space will be more active over the year.

A Long Awaited Update

It has been a while since I last updated everyone.

Mainly I have been struck by a case of writers block. Nothing has been working and progress on stories has been very slow.

The third Elanore and Gurt is way behind on where it should be, and I have started a Steampunk novel which has promise if I could get beyond chapter one. 😦

On a positive note The Oaks Grove, Elanore and Gurt two has arrived in my inbox after being edited. 🙂 I am now busy editing and taking on board the suggestions. I have high hopes that the process will kick start the writing again 🙂

My plan is to get the edits back to the publisher by the end of the week. It should mean that the story should be available on AMazon by the end of May. Almost a year since The Spiral Tattoo came out.  That’s a lot later than I hoped but these things happen.

Coming Up This Year On The Worlds Of Michael J. Parry

This year I want to have more content up on this site. I have a plan, but it isn’t a cunning plan. 🙂

I have decided to write two regular posts; a book review and a discussion on writing.

Every week I will be posting a book review. The idea is not only to discuss books that I like, but in an effort to improve my craft, to look and what works in that book so I can apply that to my own writing. I will be rating books out of five, with five being “must have on shelf, comfort reading, will re-read often”, four being “will re-read but not a go to book”, and three being “good, will read others by author but won’t hunt out”. I won’t review books I would rate as one or two, as if I don’t like them enough to give a three, I don’t want to waste my time reviewing. Harsh but there you go.

A little less regularly I will post on some aspect of writing. Not that I will be saying I am a font of wisdom or knowledge, rather this will be a me putting my thinking down as I work through various aspects of the writing craft. I could do that internally but as a writer it would benefit me to write it down. 🙂